Macro Cameraphone Lens

Superzoom cameras aren't exactly the most exciting class if you're looking at images equipment. I knew I needed picture stabilization on all of my lenses as I shake rather a lot, and wanted to get the professional-stage lenses (Canon L sequence) for their image high quality, lens durability and weather sealing, despite the fact that the cheaper camera body that I even have shouldn't be climate sealed.

You can find the zoom range where your camera performs at its greatest by taking several images of the same subject at completely different focal lengths and seeing what they seem find the perfect lens like. A zoo is an ideal place to test out that long telephoto functionality, and I got here away with some fairly spectacular pictures of the creatures I encountered.

Contrary to common opinion, I was shocked to find that my prime lens was easier for me to use - I would have guessed from my previous photography habits that a zoom lens would be easiest! Sure, it helps that the lens is extremely versatile, however a lens that covers that wide of a focal range will definitely make some tradeoffs in image quality.
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